michel | July 2014

In this edition:

Luis Suarez ban. Right or wrong? Cristian Liberum vs. Nikita Nikulin. Two different opinions on the ban that Uruguayan star got from FIFA. Who’s right in this situation? You decide.

Bavarian machine. The System of Jupp Heynckes. Our editor-in-chief Rolands Juhna once again writes about the Bundesliga and this time he looks back on the successful 2012/13 season of Bayern Munich. What were the key moments in the work of experienced German manager? Find that out in July edition.

Sepp Blatter: Why always him? Story from our new author Steven Bell about the FIFA president and all the negative image that he has created around him.

The Dream of Francesco.  Our new author Andrey Denisov tells you one interesting and touching story about Francesco Messori, who did all the best he could to create the national team of Italy for disabled persons with amputated extremities. Must read article of this edition.

From Colombia with love. Our Belarusian author Nikita Nikulin looks back on the 2014 World Cup and the brightest performers in the Colombia national team. James Rodriguez, Juan Cuadrado and others!

The journey of Ronnie Hellstrom. Our Italian author Michele Tossani tells you the story of the legendary Swedish goalkeeper, who played in three World Cups and was one of the main symbols of Sweden national team for almost a decade.

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